Benefits of Chanting Vishnu Sahasranama

These are some benefits of chanting the divine stotra

  • Reciting of this stotram  with devotion and sincerity  along with meaning helps in cleasing ones mind from all evils taughts.
  • Recital of this stotra gives firmess of mind ,happiness,freedom from jealously.
  • Vishnu Sahasranama can be recited  with out worrying about about the pronunciation aspect (although poper pronunciation helps a lot) of the stotra.
  • Recital of this stotra helps a lot in curing of diseases.
  • It is believed that Sage vyAsa concludes the Hymn with the following oath repeated twice:”na te yAnti te yAnti parAbhavam”. “NEVER DO THEY MEET WITH ANY DISRESPECT. NEVER DO THEY MEET WITH ANY DISRESPECT”.
  • This stotra gives prosperity to the one who recites it .

It is my personal experience that reciting the vishnu sahasranamam gives required  energy  and strength for me to lead  life daily. 


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